#07: Sansar Night

Hair: Andrea - Long Wavy Hairstyle by Cora
Robe: Adjustable Black Satin Robe by StefanieFairhall
Bra: Light Skin Tone Lace Demi Bra by StefanieFairhall
Panties: Light Skin tone Lace Cage Panties by StefanieFairhall
Nails: Claw Nails black by Cat

Blackwood Hall
by Jagalog

#06: Day 24 - The Escape

It's time to escape: run away under your cell, through an old sewerage, that is a complex maze. Try to find the opened manhole to reach Pine Street: your partner is waiting for you inside a van, with new ID cards. 

by Sergio Delacruz

#05: Fashion and Music

Headband: Pearl Ears Silver-Black by Ersel Schulz
Nails: Claw nails red by Cat
Top: Small Black CropTop by Tiola Violet
Skirt: Premium Black Leather Skirt by jwofles

by Alfy

#04: For Eternity

Speaking about time means talking about us. We scan it in minutes, hours, we realize it has passed mostly when we don't have time anymore. It is common for us all, each person, animal, plant and also ojects have their "time". And it's time that let us born and grow us slowly.
Anyway, in the immense vastness of the universe, it doesn't exist. In some remote places of the galaxy time seems to stand still or go incredibly slow. So, is time just an illusion? 

The images can't catch at all the real beauty and feelings that this experience gives, so I invite you to personally visit Eternity by C3rb3rus

#03: Zen

Hair: Gabbie - by Ade
Nails: Claw Nails black - by Cat
Top: Brant Top Black Stripe - by Neve
Shorts: Watson Shorts Black Stripe - by Neve
Shoes: Running Shoes black - by Ecne

by Sage

#02: Where is My Soul?

Hair: Andrea - Long Wavy Hairstyle by Cora
Dress: Greece women's - (free) by Nemurin
Cleaver: Creepy Clown Meat - (free) by Abramelin Wolfe

by Sergio Delacruz

#01: Sansar Summer Life

Hair: Andrea - Long Wavy Hairstyle by Cora
Hat: Floppy Sunhat - Tropical by Debi Baskerville
Swimsuit: Green - by Debi Baskerville
Pareo: Tropical Print - by Debi Baskerville

by C3rb3rus